Shelagh Delphyne Photography
Capturing a moment in time...

Stepping inside my camera fills my heart with joy. I invite you to share the world as I experience it.

After growing up in the South of England I took up sailing and travelled by yacht to the Caribbean, South America and eventually Maine in the USA where I lived for 25 years. In 2014 North Wales became my home offering a whole new and beautiful landscape to explore in Snowdonia. Another move in 2016 has brought me to a new home located in the magnificent scenery of Co Mayo on the west coast of Ireland.

Photographs are available to purchase as Prints, with or without backing, framed and assorted other options. To order photographs, first click on the Photograph, then the Buy button above the photo. Check your Country and Currency then select your product, size, cropping, finish and backing/framing if desired.


Photography has been a joyously uplifting expression of my deepest self and a celebration of the world around us.

This Pretty Planet
This pretty planet spinning through space,
Your garden, your harbor, your holy place,
Golden sun going down,
Gentle blue giant spin us around,
All through the night.,
Safe till the morning light

Lyrics by John Forster & Tom Chapin