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That magical time of the day as the sun rises and sets.... there is always a great sense of peace and joy in being in the right place at the right time to capture the glory of sunrise and sunset. Some are delicate pastel shades, others wild and vivid with brilliant colors. Some glow in the morning mist, others blaze across crystal clear skies. Maine's beautiful scenery provides the perfect backdrop for gentle and dramatics skies!

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Stonington SunsetMisty SunriseGolden MistRising in the MistCurtis Island Light at DawnMake a WishSolstice SunriseSummer Solstice 2010Winter Sunset on Appleton RidgeWinter Sunset on Appleton RidgeWinter Sunset on Appleton RidgeWinter Sunset on Appleton RidgeDecember Sunrise in Camden HarborDecember Sunrise in Camden Harbor

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